In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams ( 2023 )

You know the feeling. It feels like time slows down as your eyes meet a stranger’s. Then you walk pass each other, neither of you looking back. That’s what happened with Pelin and Engin. Lo and behold, they open their eyes in the same bed. And you may want to brace yourself for this one, as a two-year married couple! It must be a dream. No, a nightmare. But now, to wake up they must fall in love.

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18 Apr 2023, 06:29
My Small Land

My Small Land ( 2022 )

Sarya lives between three worlds: Having fled from Turkey to Japan, her small family tries to maintain their Kurdish traditions. On the other hand, Sarya, who arrived when she was five, feels at home in Japan. But then, the family loses its refugee-status. Life becomes unpredictable and their days in Japan seem numbered. A haunting story about the balancing act of finding your place in the world.

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13 Oct 2022, 12:05
Aşkım Bahardı

Aşkım Bahardı ( 2020 )

When Levent, the young boss of Adana's famous restaurant chain, compulsorily says yes to the surprise bachelor party organized by his childhood friend Seref, things come to his head. When the paths of Bahar and Levent, who are poor, inconsolable, problematic and forced to live with their three papermaker brothers.

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08 Aug 2023, 07:11
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