Oliva ( 2023 )

Olive farmer Pascual del Vecchio ends up in a coma due to the shock of seeing his wife Graciela’s infidelity. But when he awakes, he thinks he is a Sicilian mafia boss, and starts tasking his youngest son, Miguel, with carrying out his “criminal” orders. With Graciela out of town on a semi-permanent vacation, the situation comes to a head for Miguel: after a year of pretending to be a Sicilian mobster, his girlfriend Gina, whom he hasn't told about his father’s mental state, will visit the

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04 Jan 2024, 11:58
El rapto

El rapto ( 2023 )

Julio returns with his family to Argentina after the downfall of the brutal dictatorship that overpowered long-standing democracy. Things soon take an ugly turn as his brother is kidnapped and Julio becomes the lead negotiator with the criminals.

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03 Nov 2023, 11:49
Adios Buenos Aires

Adios Buenos Aires ( 2023 )

Buenos Aires, November 2001. Argentina is embroiled in crisis, with the Peso plunging deeper and deeper. Julio Färber, the charismatic bandoneon player of the "Vecinos de Pompeya," a five-piece working-class tango band, is trying to keep his head above water, but every month he is earning less and less from their gigs as well as from the traditional shoe shop he inherited from his father. At the very moment he takes the decision to leave his beloved Buenos Aires forever, it clearly

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02 Nov 2023, 07:31
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